wedding insurance for your big day


The honeymoon is booked, the venue confirmed, the wedding gown tailored, the bridesmaids decided, the flowers chosen, the wedding cake cake ordered, the wedding rings collected, the groom’s handsome suit altered… have you thought about a wedding insurance to cover all your plans? It came to me as a surprise when I heard about wedding insurance but after reading about what a wedding cover includes, I would recommend it to any couple planning to tie the knot. The wedding insurance covers any cancellation, most of your wedding items like flowers, wedding rings, wedding attire on that day, wedding gifts and even includes a counselling session if you are under too much planning stress! Interesting, isn’t it? If a supplier fails to deliver a job as per agreed, and refuse to make any compensation, you can send in your claims. With a wedding insurance plan like this, you can have the peace of mind on that day.


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