significance of rings

Today’s rings are not only beautiful but downright magical. A few examples of gemstone rings follow.

*Birthstone Rings: It is believed that there is a gemstone that represents every month in the year and is thus related to a zodiac sign. Gemstone rings with a birthstone are supposed to bring good luck and ward off evil.

*Anniversary Rings: Similar to birthstones, anniversary rings are made for each year of marriage. The second year of marriage is represented by the garnet gemstone, the tenth year by a diamond ring and so on.

*Family Birthstone Rings: These are a special category of gemstone rings where, each ring has the birthstone of all the members of the family. In cases where members of a family are spread in geographically far off places, family birth stone rings provide a kind of spiritual bonding.

*Wedding and Engagement Rings: The engagement ring is almost always a gemstone ring with diamonds adding accent to it. Made on a comparatively higher budget, gemstone rings for engagements use gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds etc. Wedding rings are made as gemstone rings in a few countries, however most people prefer simple gold or silver bands for wedding rings. The more exotic gemstone rings are created as engagement rings.


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