I didn’t buy the S$1,000 PVC purse!


I went shopping for an evening bag last Sunday. I was in a hurry so I whizzed into a shoe shop that carried a nice collection of designer bags and purses too. While chatting with the boutique assistant who was trying to ‘market’ a shiny gold eclectic clutch purse to me (was it by Marc Jacobs?), I spotted an antique gold Stella McCartney purse that stood out from the rest. I was tempted to hand over my credit card right away but after knowing that the PVC purse was going to cost me S$1,000, I decided to whiz out of the shop for some fresh air. I needed a clear mind to think.

I didn’t buy¬† the purse after all but settled for another goldie PVC leather purse which cost only S$55…. what a close shave!


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