learning the art of self defense

When it comes to wearing luxury timepieces and looking too posh on the streets, ladies ought to be extra careful in certain parts of the world. In where I live, even wearing glittering jewelry can attract alot of unwanted attention in car parks and even on the streets. Security is becoming a major problem here.

All this while, I personally like to find out more about Close Combat Training, after going through kickboxing and body combat classes in the gym previously. While it’s good to learn about The Truth About Martial Arts from books and informative sites of Captain Chris’ Close Combat system, it takes dedication and commitment to learn the right basics and acquire a good foundation in martial arts. I like to believe that the information will come in handy for self defense situations especially for we ladies, who are often victims in street robbing and attacks. What don’t check out what Captain Chris has to say and learn more about how to protect yourself.


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