pearls for angie’s wedding

Not too long ago, I was writing about the lovely pearls jewelry found at The Pearl Source. Since I just received news that a good friend will be tying the knot with her childhood sweetheart next half of the year, I can’t help but recommend that she takes a look at these gorgeous pearls for her upcoming wedding.

Being someone who is fun, energetic and bubbly, Angie is someone who goes for the rare and creative stuff. She told me that her mom insists that she should have a set of pearl necklace for her evening attire and for once, she is worried and thinks that she has to wear one of those boring white pearls. But when I told her about the Tahitian and multicolour Pearls at The Pearl Source, she got excited!


The Tahitian and Golden South Sea Off-Round Necklace at The Pearl Source is simply gorgeous! And in case you don’t know, they are known for their off-round multicolor pearl necklace. With prices that are 60-80% off retail prices, The Pearl Source prides themselves as offering the best deals to their customers, about 25-50% off their online competition. I like the fact that their pearl collection is unique and rare, great for the ladies who seek a difference and want to stand out from the crowd.

Angie is having a hard time deciding what to get for her big day. One moment is the black Tahitian pearl necklace and another, the baroque necklaces. Whatever she picks, I know she will look great on that special day of her life.


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