spring is here, ladies!

In case you don’t know, spring collection is already here for most fashion labels and if you are one of those who is allergic to the latest trends and styles, it’s time to check out what’s new for Spring 2008.

I am not one of those who must be up to date with seasonal trends and colours as I believe it’s more important to wear what suits me for the right occasion. For instance, my skin tone wouldn’t tolerate red hot pink so no matter how ‘in’ and popular the colour is, I would stay away from it. I am adventurous to try out new styles but I’m very particular to choose the right colours to match with my light tanned skin tone. A wrong choice of colour can make me look like a sore thumb in the crowd and I will do anything to avoid that!



But if you are into shoes and such, then you really have to head down to shopbop to check out Tory Burch’s new shoes and bags for Spring 2008. I have never in my life had yellow shoes and I still won’t but it’s great to know that great designers always keeps in mind that different people look good in different colours. Tory’s ballet flats are available in a wide range of colours and this pair of made in Brazil shoes is one of those I would love to have in my shoes collection… especially the gold ones. Actually, I would rather have this pair of metallic thong sandal – aren’t they exotic and elegantly sexy?


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