ties that don’t suck

Now, the male readers in this blog can’t complain that they are left out and forgotten!

The fact that Bethany Shorb is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art brings me much envy and admiration. This is one design school I’ve heard so much about in the 90s when I was doing my MA in graphic design. Bethany is not just only a fashion and graphic designer but she’s a photographer, multimedia designer and performing artist.

With her creative profile and strong influence at Cranbrook, her collection of ties spell art, sophistication, classical influence and evoke originality.

Only high quality waterbased inks are used which require no harmful solvents, this is better for both the health of the shop and for the health of our planet. Waterbased inks have a much softer hand on fine fabrics and will never crack over time as plastisol inks do. Some of the more complex, custom made ties are made with deconstructed vintage, recycled or other environmentally sustainable materials.

Now, I know where to find ties that don’t suck without burning a hole in my pocket.





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