handcrafted peridot necklace from novica


Anyone adores handcrafted jewelry using stainless steel and semi precious stones? If you do, please join me to savour the lovely creations from NOVICA – Handmade Artisan Jewelry from Around the World!

Here’s a short feature on this talented Thai designer, Busarin Hutawarakorm. From her artistic collections, you can tell that she likes dragonflies, butterflies and flowers which she attempts to connect people and nature together through her works.

Nestled on a crystal trellis, sparkling blossoms exude an air of elegance. Busarin creates the ethereal images from peridot, garnet, citrine and carnelian. Enhanced with crystal and beads of Japanese glass, the gems are threaded by hand on stainless steel strands. This lovely Peridot Necklace is now on sale $89.96 ($99.95) Novica.com


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