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Almost every woman would have at least a garland of pearl necklace, bracelet or a pair of pearl earrings in her jewelry box. I must confess that I was never a big fan of pearls until a good friend started shopping for her pair of freshwater pearls for her wedding. She looked so gorgeous and stunning though it was just a simple pair of freshwater pearl earrings. Since then, I had paid more attention to these pearly treasures.


I know freshwater pearls, akoya pearls and tahitian pearls are commonly seen in many pearl jewelry stores, both online or offline. As a matter of fact, freshwater pearls have gained popularity over the years due to its flawless finish, elegant appearance, affordable pricing and versatile styling. Personally, I still like to buy myself a pair of exotic chocolate tahitian pearl earrings or necklace one of these days. I first saw them when I was touring Hawaii and I fell in love with its uniqueness and exquisite colour. They are not cheap to begin with but if you are still keen to get them at a good price, head down to

Here’s something to entice the pearl collector who are after exclusive and natural finishes. How do you resist these natural abalone and oyster pearls? These natural pearl jewelry are intended for those who embraced natural and lasting beauty.




Pearl Paradise makes it easy for anyone who is shopping for pearls, whether you are a bride to be or just a woman looking for quality and affordable pearls. Even if you need some additional knowledge about pearls, the site provides valuable information for your pearl shopping experience.


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