jade bracelets


This is a pretty jade bracelet that catches my attention. I’m one of those who used to think that jade is suitable for the older people since I often see it worn on mid-age women and grannies. But seriously, jade is a very pretty stone and all it takes is a good designer to bring out the beauty and charm. Few months ago, I bought a necklace with yellow jade and that was a start. This lucky jade bracelet from pieces of a girl shows carved green jade with one lucky pink jade lotus flower – so sweet, so feminine. For this, I love to have it!

But if an all jade accessory is not your favourite then this handmade Fire Jade and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet may be just what you need to make you sparkle! The natural greens, browns and greys of the stone work so beautifully with tan Swarovski crystals on this lovely Fire Jade and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet – matches perfectly with an autumn theme outfit.



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