charm for life bracelet

I’m not one of those who replenish new issues of women publications on a monthly basis. As a believer of saving the trees, I have opted to read fashion news online and an occasional purchase of a magazine when I need to keep myself occupied on a vacation. I get my printed fashion news when I’m in a hair salon, a cafe or anywhere else with a good stock up of magazines.

Anyways, I was drawn to the true facts of cervical cancer in the latest issue of Bazaar (not sure which edition), caused a type of virus known as HPV. Do you know that 80% of women would have the HPV virus by the time they reach 50? To raise the awareness of cervical cancer and HPV, renowned jewelry designer, Carolyn Rafaelian of Alex and Ani has joined forces with Merck & co to launch this set of beautiful Charm 4 Life bracelet set. The charm features a Chinese peony which symbolizes feminine beauty and reproduction. I’m not sure if you have seen a Chinese peony in full bloom but it is a captivating beauty of its own and in this case, it’s a symbol of peace. Available in russian gold and russian silver finishes. Buy it at the website of Alex and Ani. ($32 each)





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