britney spears, donald trump and elvis have their own sunglasses

As an attention-getting accessory or fashion statement, designer or custom sunglasses are nothing new. Trendsetters like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Elton John sported designer and custom sunglasses as part of their “look” or star status. Some have worn sunglasses to hide behind, cover their drug-affected eyes, or make a statement. I read that Elvis Presley had sunglasses custom-made for him with his initials or the letters TCB (Taking Care of Business) built right into the nose bridge. Interesting!

Stars like Sophia Loren, Donald Trump, and Britney Spears have their own name brand sunglasses on the market while others may be wearing Marc Jacobs or Armani sunglasses for a classy look or Baby Phat for punk style. The mood for the day might be for the blast-to-the-past 1950’s look of Fossil sunglasses. Whatever style you like, you can find any kind of sunglasses in the marketplace and infact, many people are capitalizing on Wholesale Discount Sunglasses as a business. These Wholesale Replica Sunglasses are available at low prices when purchases in bulk and apparently, they can fetch good prices when sold in retail stores or kiosks.


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