handmade pouch from japan

Girls can get fussy when it comes to storing her beauty toiletries and makeup. We prefer to store these personal stuff in a nice toiletries pouch and not just any ordinary bag. Even so, we would also find a nice pouch or case to keep our digital wires and cables, not just any black padded ones you see in computer shops.


When I first saw this hand sewn giraffe pouch, I can tell it has an oriental influence. The form and design of the pouch is simple yet very girly and feminine. Made by a’sewing-holic girl’ who live in countryside of northern Japan, she and mother spend most of their time sewing at home. All her products at dawanda.com are carefully cut and structured one by one by herself. Won’t it be nice to use the pouch to store those wires, CAT6 cables and anything small? Other fabric designs available. Get them at dawanda.com at 12 EUR each. Those kimono print ones are simply gorgeous!




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