life changing story of an artisan

Whenever I read stories of young people getting into trouble with the law at a young age, I feel sad for them and their parents. I believe there are more patients found in drug rehab as social problems continue to be on the rise. Recently, I was encouraged to hear about a life changing story of a young man who soared in his creative career after going through a successful treatment journey. He’s now designing handmade messenger bags to be sold in flea markets and artisan stores. Shoppers love and admire his originality and creative use of paints, colours, fabric and odd materials especially those he picked up from the recycled stations. I do hope that he can launch his handmade bags online soon so that more shoppers can admire his artistic work and be inspired by his creative sense of style. It’s a shame that I can’t find any photo of his works but hopefully he explores the online technology soon.


One of his works resembles this handpainted Alexandra Cassaniti canvas bag except that you won’t be splurging $330 for his.


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