newcomers in contemporary jewelry

I got an email update on informing me of few newcomers in contemporary jewelry. Being a collector of cool, stylish and unique accessories, it is a must to click on the advertisement to find out more.

1) Alkemie Jewelry

A husband-and-wife design team, Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson emphasize on stylish collections that are environmentally and socially responsible. By using 100% reclaimed metals, this duo transform something common into something precious.

2) Tuleste market

At Tuleste market, designers Satu and Celeste Greenberg believe that being stylish doesn’t need to burn a hole in the pocket! Combining thrift with high-fashion gloss, tuleste market offers one-of-a-kind statement pieces that are affordable and attainable. Some of the items are rather ‘loud’ and are meant to create a statement for an occasion whereas others add fashionable chic to the gal who prefers a touch of modernity.

3) Cynthia Dugan Jewelry

If you are a vintage gal who likes a touch of whimsical and earthy influence then you are going to love Cynthia’s creations. Using leather and gemstones, I find her styles and designs casual, playful, subtle and innovative.


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