Go Shopping For Dremu Oil: Better Than Botox!

Whenever we go shopping for a particular beauty product, we would love to read reviews of what real users have to say. We want to hear their experiences and most of all, if that beauty product is worth the money before we even decide to invest on it.

I was taken by this simple quote, “Better than Botox” by the Chicago Tribune and couldn’t helped but to explore more about Dremu Oil. Who would have thought that the big brown bird from down under can be used to formulate a beauty product that erases wrinkles (without needles!), boost cell rejuvenation, fades stretch marks and scars and brings instant hydration to dry and dull skin?

So how do Dremu Oil really work?
According to the website, the properties of emu oil can penetrate the skin thus moisturizes and nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids and regrows collagen. And since it doesn’t clog pores and is hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving, it is suitable for acne sufferers and those with sensitive skin. Dremu Oil penetrates the outer skin and nourishes and heals the skin at the deepest levels.

If you are looking for a pure and natural product to combat your anti aging concerns, you will be pleased to know that Dremu Oil is made of 100% Pure Triple-Refined Emu Oil. There are no preservatives, stabilizers, perfumes or any other ingredient added to this product. Just 2-4 drops and that’s enough for your entire face.

So does Dremu Oil get rid of lines and wrinkles?
Yes. Collagen acts as a cushion between layers of skin and keeps the skin supple, smooth, elastic and wrinkle free. As we increase in age, our ability to produce collagen decreases. Wrinkles are formed when less collagen causes the epidermis (outside skin) to fold and collapse.

Clinical studies have shown that emu oil actually regenerates collagen. You will immediately notice the moisturizing and softening effects. Used 2-3 times daily for 4-6 weeks you will visibly see your skin plump up and your wrinkles diminish. Depending on how many and how deep the wrinkles it may take up to 9 months to fully erase them. Unlike plastic surgery, botox injections, collagen injections or fat injections, you can see that Dremu Oil has no harmful side effects – short term or long term. It is pain free and does not require you to go anywhere, does not involve any expensive consultations and is cost effective.

Dremu Triple Refined Emu Oil

No description is better than users’ reviews so let’s hear what Dremu oil customers have to say before you go shopping for another great beauty product:

I would recommend this product to anyone

Posted by Daniella Adams, L.P.N., M.A. , Miami, Florida

As both a nurse and the wife of a physician, I operated a dermatology practice within the Family Practice. Many people came to me with their various skin complaints looking for treatments or products. We introduced Emu oil as an alternative to many other products that were very harsh to use around the eyes. Patients found Emu oil to be gentle but very effective at reducing the fine lines that appear around the eyes when used consistently. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a solution for wrinkles around their eyes who hesitate to use prescription or other products that contain harsher ingredients.


I absolutely love Dremu Oil! I had very dry skin, which aged me even worse, then I started using Dremu Oil and WOW! Couldn’t believe how much younger I look. I have a 20 year old daughter and people at times think we are friends. I made my sister a believer and now she uses it too.

Chris Naumann, Sand Spring, OK, age 42


Posted by Fiona Brown

My brother kye in the electronics business gave me a bottle, it was give to him by a friend while visiting Florida. I laughed at what it was made from but decided to try it. OMG, the next day after i used it, my face felt hydrated, my skin felt plump and new. By week three i saw that it reduced my forehead wrinkles,you have to look for them to find them. My neck and chest area looks brigher and more youthful. I am on my second bottle, i told my aunts and mother and friends. I know for sure this products works because it happened for me and many others who i have told about it. I used many things before the Emu Oil and nothing worked or better yet showed any results. I even use it on my lips before i apply lipstick and they are plump and smooth. THIS PRODUCT WORKS.

Go Shopping for Dremu Oil Now.


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