On Eco Friendly, Green Clothing and Eco Sunglasses

Nowadays, whenever I go shopping with my girl friends, I tend to keep an eye on eco friendly clothing and products. I have to admit that I am still an amateur in this eco movement but I like the idea that eco clothing and products use materials that are good for our body, health and environment! I even started checking out on eco sunglasses in my regular optical store, to find that not many people do believe in that!

With this green movement, a very easy way to help make green clothing special is by personalizing it. Adding special touches can give you a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing that you should be able to make perfectly suit you. It will also help you with recycling old pieces of clothing by adding bits and pieces, such as old buttons, which can be used over and over again. I overheard a conversation about two ladies talking in a cafe, one was persuading her friend to “get term insurance now” and the other one was going on about her introduction and fascination with green clothing!

It is very important for green clothing to be animal cruelty free as well. Leather should not go into green clothing or any pieces which are made at the expense of animals. Sustaining the environment does no good if we are killing all of the wildlife which live within it. Even eco sunglasses are made of bamboo which are very unique and different, compared to those traditional ones of plastic, metal and titanium. Bamboo sunglasses can be downright gorgeous!


Once you make a commitment to start living a greener lifestyle, you will have to find ways to transform your life. Picking out pieces of eco clothing for the fashion conscious will be just one step. You should easily be able to start changing your lifestyle, even slowly, and this will end up making a lasting difference. And perhaps you may want to go shopping for a pair of eco sunglasses 🙂


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