Go Shopping For Your Juice Fasting

Last week, I decided to fast for two days to give my body a break from the usual meat and carbo diet. Though I usually take alot of vegetables and fruits, taking a fast allows my body to rest and discharge the accumulated toxins. This means I had to go shopping for more vegetables and fruits for my juices, which was something I enjoyed.

Though I don’t have many extra pounds to shed, I strongly believe that healthy living must include healthy eating and some form of regular exercise to keep the heart going. These efforts will inevitably improve your beauty in the long run which means you may need less expensive beauty treatments or avoid botox at a young age. I read alot about natural health which gives me a better understanding on the benefits of colon cleansing and detoxification. Beauty detox is all about eating the right foods and including healthy exercise into your life. You can start off by doing a juice fast which means you just drink juices (slow juicing is best) throughout the day. During a fast, I always encourage one to take in more water. But always consult a health professional about your body condition before embarking on any fast.

Doing a juice fast is easy. Just go shopping for all your favourite vegetables and fruits. Carrots with apples are great for detoxification. Adding a little beetroot increases the cleansing process. You may want to go easy on citrus if you have reflux or other gastrointestinal troubles. Let’s work towards healthy living for 2010.


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