Go Shopping for Christmas

Christmas is here again and I believe most people are busy with the festive the last few weeks. I haven’t had much time to go shopping as we were too busy settling down in a new city. But it was still nice to watch shoppers in the stores and seeing those Christmas decorations on the streets.

My hubby and myself were too busy to think about buying each other a gift this year. Well, we did go shopping but it was for a new car we needed and after test driving a few cars within a span of few days, we settled for the mazda CX7. I suppose this would be our Christmas gift for ourselves and now we are awaiting to collect the car. There are so many gift ideas out there when you are shopping for unique gifts for her and him. And retailers are getting more and more creative each year. And with online shopping, it presents for options for the festive shopper.

Today is boxing day. It’s another day for those who love to go shopping for bargains. So get in the queue and shop till you drop before the new year begins! Merry Christmas to all!


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