go shopping for wintry days

Winter months for some are long and cold. Anything that brings a feeling of warmth and cheer into the home is for the most part an excellent idea. As you go shopping in the next few weeks for the coming winter, dont’ forget to embrace the season with affection and laughter.

Some like to go shopping for pillows and blankets in the winter decorating to add layers of warmth and comfort as well as visual appeal. There is also something soothing about the comfort and close softness of the pillows and electric blanket whether one is in perfect health or really feeling the winter chill. For the winter divas and fashionistas, a baby alpaca poncho makes a stunning accessory to keep you warm and looking stylish. The Alpaca is known as the “Gold of the Andes”. Baby Alpaca refers to the fine quality of Alpaca Fiber that has a thinner diameter (22.5 microns) and a longer length. These characteristics make Baby Alpaca a true premium luxury fiber, which is soft, smooth and shiny. The name “Baby Alpaca” does not mean that the fiber was obtained from baby animals; it could easily come from an adult animal with a very fine coat.

When you go shopping for alpaca clothing, shawls and wraps, make sure you choose the finest alcapa stylish collection from Alpaca Boutique.

spacious shopping handbags for women travelers

During this last trip to Singapore, I brought my new Nikon D80 along. Since I was not too impressed with the bulky camera bag that came with the camera, I decided to buy a Crumpler in Singapore. As usual, I had more to pack in my travel handbag including my passport, wallet, my vanity pouch, keys, two cell phones, a pocket digital camera and a packet of wipes for my preschooler.

Medium or large sized travel handbags are great to place small and random purchases when you are shopping in a city. These days, I try to avoid carrying shopping bags both for eco friendly reasons as well as keeping my hands free for my active preschooler. A bag like this Olive Melie Bianco Meredith Bag ($77) is one ideal choice for shopping travelers. This olive bag has a gold brushed magnetic tabbed closure and white contrast stitching detail in the front with functional olive colored straps. The inside is lined in a brown and gold polka dot design and with the two open compartments and one zippered pocket, there is much room for those of us who have so much personal stuff to lug along.

This other Under the Boardwalk Bag in Red and White from Melie Bianco ($57) is a fun, summer inspired bag featuring a red and white pinstripe pattern on a metallic linen. With two thin bands of gold piping on the front and back and is gathered at the sides, the straps are red patent leather with gold metallic accents. It comes with a snap closure and is lined in brown polka dot material.

newcomers in contemporary jewelry

I got an email update on ShopBop.com informing me of few newcomers in contemporary jewelry. Being a collector of cool, stylish and unique accessories, it is a must to click on the advertisement to find out more.

1) Alkemie Jewelry

A husband-and-wife design team, Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson emphasize on stylish collections that are environmentally and socially responsible. By using 100% reclaimed metals, this duo transform something common into something precious.

2) Tuleste market

At Tuleste market, designers Satu and Celeste Greenberg believe that being stylish doesn’t need to burn a hole in the pocket! Combining thrift with high-fashion gloss, tuleste market offers one-of-a-kind statement pieces that are affordable and attainable. Some of the items are rather ‘loud’ and are meant to create a statement for an occasion whereas others add fashionable chic to the gal who prefers a touch of modernity.

3) Cynthia Dugan Jewelry

If you are a vintage gal who likes a touch of whimsical and earthy influence then you are going to love Cynthia’s creations. Using leather and gemstones, I find her styles and designs casual, playful, subtle and innovative.

do you care about your socks

Just when you don’t think anyone is going to peep into your socks underneath your shoes, think again! I’m one fussy gal when it comes to socks. They can’t be too thick or too thin. I prefer nice prints or a nice material for my socks. Comfort is the name above style and usually, I’ll stick to those regular few that make my feet feel so comfy and nice. My hubby finds me strange when I shop for socks during our holiday trips. Unlike him who will pick up any kind of crew socks in a sale, I take a long time to find and shop for socks that feel nice and look good. What about you? Do you care for these accessories that go on your feet?

the spring/summer collection from tous

Yesterday, I walked past the Tous counter in a nearby mall and took a sneak peek of the new collection. When I got home that night, I went to the official website of Tous to check out the new Spring-Summer collection.

This Spanish label has always been my favourite. To be honest, I’m never that sort of gal who grew up with teddy bears but Tous is really cool. The bearish logo reminds us of the little girl in me and I must give credit to the creative designs of the bags that never seem to fail every season. What I love is add to my accessory treasures would be a Tous murano glass pendant when I find one that I truly like. This new 18kt yellow gold with pave diamonds called Flora is a lovely one that is new to the collection this season. As for the handbags, this range of Crochet collection has appealed to me. With three different sizes and styles available, each of them looks like a chic handbag to carry around for any casual or non-formal occasion. Find them in your nearest Tous store.

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