Shopping for Stuff Online

Recently, I discovered a real cool shopping site while I was searching for some baby socks in the web. Children’s socks are rather expensive in down under and since I was going to buy them wholesale for the missions group, I started searching online.

Since my first purchase from the site, I have been a regular customer and the prices are rather good and cheaper than ebay. More and more people are buying things online. You can buy american silver eagle online, buy groceries and shop for almost anything you want with the click of a button. And because it’s so convenient, you also need to exercise some discipline or you will be buying more than you necessary need!

Getting a Gift

It was a very busy weekend for us as we promised our little boy to take him to the shop to get his birthday gift.

He waited for a long time to have his dream gift and in the last few years, it’s always Lego blocks and other toys. But this time, he had requested for something electronic by nature. Hubby went to get his miter gears then we visited the mall for the boy’s gift. I could still recall the excitement in his eyes. I just hope that he doesn’t grow tired of his gift too soon… children always like new things!

Indulging into Fine Jewelry

I haven’t been buying any accessories or jewelry but just a while ago, I received an email on Carolina Bucci, a jewelry designer with impeccable taste for simplicity.

After browsing through some designs of hers, I am a little hooked. I need to find out more about her designs and styles. I find myself liking her bracelets and rings. Zoccai is another brand that stands out for rings… I love rings and bracklets! Actually, I should be looking out for home decoration stores online since I need to get something for a friend. But I get a little carried away by my wimps and fancies. It’s another one of my indulgences.

Shopping in the Outlets

Our guests had just left yesterday and it is now a time of recuperation for us.

I seldom shop in the local retail stores as I find that the prices are exorbitant and with online shopping, it has become very convenient for me. But it’s still nice to walk around with them in the outlet stores, and I’m glad they grabbed few good deals along the way. My cousin’s wife bought lots of stuff for the kids and the home, and she was glad to find her deburring tool in one of the shops. Her husband bought his favourite boots and it looks like everyone at home is happy to have something new during this shopping trip.

Spring time is Here

Spring is here now in down under and it’s nice to see the plants growing again. It’s also time to shop for some new plants for the garden, and for me, I’ll only plant edible stuff. It just doesn’t make sense for me to maintain a garden of flowers when I know this is not our permanent home.

In a few weeks’ time, those friends of ours who have pools can start to throw pool parties and do more barbie nights. It is a nice thing to gather around the pool and have some fellowship. My friend who owns a pool is thinking of getting a pentair pool light so that we can have more evenings of makan together. It makes a difference to the pool and patio area as it adds ambience to the garden. I suppose that’s the reason why DH insists that we mustn’t have a pool so that we don’t have to worry about maintaining it.

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