Shopping Around for New House

There have been lots of deals going on everyday and I have been bombarded with lots of discounts, specials and it’s just confusing!

I had bought many things online and last night, I just ordered my favourite yuzu and kinkan candy from ebay. I know it’s funny but I was so happy to see that on sale in ebay! My friend was asking me about ordering photobooks online after seeing ours and they didn’t know that the quality of the photobook is so good. We are thinking of buying some discount canvas prints when we move into our own place next place. It would be great to cover some feature walls with our own prints.

For now, there’s still plenty of time to shop around and find the right picture for our dream house.

Shopping for Girls

It’s hard to buy the right birthday gifts for young girls these days. Reason being, I don’t have a daughter and trends had changed among young girls!

I thought for a moment about what I can get for a friend’s daughter for her coming birthday. Then I remembered her being a good dancer and it gave me an idea to shop for some dance gifts for girls. It is good to buy practical gifts as I don’t want to end up buying something that will end up in the storeroom or garage. Worse still, it serves no purpose and it’s a waste of money. So off I go, shopping online for some practical girls’ gifts. It can’t be easier.

Shopping for Properties Online

I know it sounds kinda crazy but I felt the same way the first time I heard it.

I was shocked when DH started to shop for foreclosure properties online and I wonder if he’s for real. Then before I can doubt further, he was already choosing the property and speaking to the agent on the transaction. We have heard about friends investing in US properties but I never thought we would do the same. In fact, I was told that there are plenty of properties for sale that are below market value and investors are bidding for these homes online. A friend of mine went holiday on Holden Beach Real Estate and she liked the place so much that she wished she could own one of the properties!

I just hope DH weren’t get too carried away with his expensive online shopping frenzy. I know it’s about investment but I don’t think I’m ready to buy such expensive stuff online yet!

Winter – a nice season

The mornings have been very cold the last few weeks and my sneezies are back again! I don’t like waking up to 3 deg in the morning though I’m thankful for the sunshine that peeked through the windows in the mornings.

Winter is a nice season to do a few things. My frosting on cakes don’t melt so fast. I could keep foods outside the fridge longer and I don’t have to worry too much about the humidity. In fact, sitting in outdoor fireplaces is my favourite thing to do as long as I’m covered in my fleece! This cold winter has brought many sunny days and nothing is more miserable than wet and cold winters. So, I’m not complaining about the cold except for those wind burn marks on my boy’s faces. The thing is, if you stay warm, moisturize your skin well and drink plenty of water, winter can be a nice season. REally.

Online Shopping Pleasures

Since the start of the new year, I have been taking turns with DH to drive the boy to school. It is a nice change as I didn’t have to rush through the morning and I can have some quiet time after he leaves for school.

So let’s talk a bit about my shopping experiences this year. Well, my love for online shopping hasn’t changed at all and in fact, I’m spending less time at the shops! Apart from buying my weekly groceries, shopping online had been a more pleasurable experience and it allows me to do more in the day! I don’t have to get in the mall early to fight for a good parking lot and I tend to waste alot of time peeking into shops when I’m out there. DH just bought some car audio stuff online and he, like me, has found online shopping more pleasurable. I can’t remember when was the last time he stepped into the local mall!

Oh, my new pair of vibram shoes arrived today and I’m so happyyyyy…. I had just gone for a 5km walk with the new shoes. Guess where I bought those shoes?

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