About Doris

Hi, Welcome to my shopping and fashion blog.

I’m a WAHM and SAHM, owns 4 blogs and runs a successful seminar business with my husband in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I love the pleasure of being a woman. I am a travel freak who enjoys nature, the little things of life, chilling out in a cafe, sipping mocha, indulging in my gourmet cakes, snacking on quality chocolates and I love shopping! Besides all these, I’m an organic and natural health advocate.. yes, I know chocolates don’t quite fit in here 🙂

This blog is about my experiences, reviews, opinions on shopping and fashion, covering the luxurious to the cheapest, quirkiest finds in places where I trod. It will cover any category that interest you and me.

I hope that you will enjoy this shopping journey with me.

May you enjoy life’s simple pleasures,