One of the most common and popular appliance is the fan. It usually costs 20 USD and they are simple and cheap. It is a plug and play system. There are many types of fans available.

  • A pedestal fan is one of the most common type. The fan is inside a circular cage that rests on a column. It has various speeds: 1, 2, 3 and off. Others can oscillate left and right to spread the cooling air.
  • A desktop fan is like a short pedestal fan but shorter.
  • A tower fan is a newcomer. It has no circular head but has a stout plastic column where the fans are located. It is not that pleasing to the eye. It is compact and cheap. It usually goes for 30USD.
  • The box fan is, to put it simply, a fan inside a box cage. These too, are not pleasing to the eye but they are very cheap and go for 12USD each.

There are different brands available. Aloha provides a retro look for their fans for just 60USd. Deco breeze on the other hand produces beautifully made models but are expensive. It normally goes for 200USD each.

The most basic variety is the box fan, which is basically a fan housed in a square cage. These are available from as little as 12 USD, but really aren’t very attractive.