Portable Barbecue

Portable barbecues are almost universally charcoal-fuelled and are usually small enough to be carried on the back of a bicycle, for example. So they’re great for setting up camp by a lake and having a laid-back grilling session. Charcoal is harder to light than propane, but it’s far more portable — and many people feel that the smoky charcoal taste is an essential ingredient in the barbecue experience.

Portable bbq photo
Photo by jingdianjiaju1

Some portable barbecues stand on three legs and have a round pan to contain the coals. Others are rectangular and stand on four legs. Most portable grills can be assembled or taken down in just a couple of minutes, giving you the flexibility to use them on the go. Some recent appearances on the market stand just a few inches off the ground and come with convenient carry handles for the ultimate in easy grilling.

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