Purchasing that refrigerator is one of the simpler appliance choices. In buying refrigerators, there are fundamentally two kinds: dedicated refrigerators and fridge freezer combos. In making that perfect purchase, it’s all a matter of how much and what type of storage you need.  When you already own a freezer, there is no need for you to buy a refrigerator. There are some however who choose to place their large freezers in their garage or basement and own a more convenient fridge-freezer combo in their household kitchens to store their frozen foods.

There are units that are stacked “one-on-top-of-the-other combos and there are those who are placed side by side. The “side by side” types more often come with an ice dispenser on the freezer’s door but an extra pay comes with such luxury. There are refrigerators which include small frozen compartments inside the main compartment known as a top freezer. The more common type is the “bottom freezer” with the fridge and freezer having the same size and the fridge located on top of the freezer.

When choosing refrigerators, its energy efficiency is a major consideration since they are being utilized 24 hours a day. Refrigerator’s efficiency, like many appliances, has increased substantially in recent years. If you are planning on lowering your carbon footprint, buying a new model is highly recommended.