The main purpose of irons is to get rid of wrinkles from your clothes. Irons have been around for centuries and have been used by billions of people worldwide.

There are different types of irons:

  • Dry irons are simple and easy to use. Just plug it and start ironing.
  • Steam irons produce steam to get rid of wrinkles easily. Others have a spray action. This helps for mobility.

Irons have been around for ages. Modern irons have different functions and options that might seem confusing, but do not fret. A basic iron will cost you 50USD and will be with you for a long time.

Check out some important options when buying an iron. There is an auto shut-off option that automatically turns off the iron. It will save you from fires and electricity bills. Others have a water filter. It filters lime scale and hard water stains can be avoided.

Cordless irons can be such a pain as they take time to heat up and it will only remain hot for a short time. Ironing will be longer.