Washer/Dryer Combo

Some houses have laundry rooms but have small spaces. Most people get a washer/dryer combo to save space and money. It is easy to install and vents are not needed. It is recommended for people living in apartments or condominiums. It is not as effective as the separate washer and dryer but people prefer the combo especially with little space available.

The appliances can be powered by either gas or electricity, and can be either front- or top-loading. Widths are either 24 or 27 inches, the latter of which is comparable to a normal washer or dryer.

It is important to look for the Energy Star Logo for energy efficient machines. Keep in mind the noise of the machine as well. The popular brands are best because they have service centers that can fix the appliance for you. 110V power socket are available for these combos so a heavy duty adapter or socket is not required. Be sure that you have the correct voltage to avoid the hassle. Modern washers have different wash options that will help you wash different types of clothing. Some even have hand wash settings and wool wash settings as well as dry only settings.

This combo does not substitute for the two separate appliances. Buy the combo only if you have limited space. Drying cycles must be longer as to not leave the clothes damp. A combo washer can usually take 15lbs. But a separate washer can take more.