Understanding How the Best Water Filter Works to Your Benefit

The demand for quality aqua water filters has increased as more consumers look to these solutions versus traditional bottled water. The solutions of filters allow a person or family to enjoy purified water at a significantly reduced cost. If you are considering investment into these filters, it is important to understand how the best water filter options work.

There are a variety of options to choose from and finding the right solution to meet your needs can mean clean water that is easily accessible. The most popular options include the faucet water filter, the under sink water filter and the portable water filter. The following addresses how each of these options work so you can find the best filter to meet the needs of you or your family.

Faucet Water Filter

When it comes to the convenience category of drinking water filters, few options can surpass the faucet filter. This device connects directly to the head of your kitchen faucet, allowing for any individual to enjoy purified water at the flip of a switch. There are different filters you can chose from so finding the right device to fit your needs is important.

The newer faucet water filter models incorporate a click function where you click the device to the faucet head. Other filters require you to remove the existing faucet filter and screw these devices to the faucet head. Filter replacement is managed by removing the top of the device and replacement may be required every one to three months depending on how often the filter is utilized.

Under Sink Water Filter

If you have any plumbing experience or are willing to hire a plumber, there are many advantages to investing in filters designed to go under the sink. These filters are hidden under the sink and allow you to get clean drinking water from an alternative faucet. This allows you to have a faucet for drinking and a faucet for cleaning dishes or cooking.

When installing an under sink water filter, the first step is to determine the connection requirements. Most filters come with hoses that tap into the line connecting the existing faucet and main cold water line. The filter itself can either be free standing or require mounting to a wall or cabinet. Since these aqua water filters are typically larger, replacement is far less often, with some filters lasting for as long as six months. Just make sure you do not disregard filter replacement since over time water quality can deteriorate due to a dirty filter.

Portable Water Filter

The third style of drinking water filters you can choose from are the portable water filter. These mobile filters vary in filter size, volume and container dimensions. How you choose will depend on the number of individuals who utilize these filters, the space you have to accommodate the containers, and your personal health.

Some individuals invest in larger three or five gallon containers that take up a portion of the fridge. These containers can be slow to fill but repetition in filling is greatly reduced due to the volume of purified water available. These containers can require half a shelf in fridge space and are ideal for large families.

Another portable option is the pitcher filter where a one gallon or less container is utilized. These containers feature a reservoir on the top of the pitcher that allows water to transfer through a filter to the bottom of the pitcher. If you are limited on fridge space or unable to lift the heavier portable filters, this is an ideal filter option.

Portable filters have become so convenient there are even sports bottles where a filter can be attached. This option can allow you to get water from anywhere, whether you are shopping in the mall or helping a student drink water out of the drinking fountain.

When you are ready to make a decision on the best water filter to meet your needs, consider us as a premier resource to take advantage of.