Best SUVs

What is the best SUV? It depends on the purpose of the vehicle before deciding which SUV is best. Is it to be used for daily commuting? Then fuel efficiency is important. Some need extra seating capacity while others are concerned with towing capabilities. The best SUV might have the most seating capacity or the largest towing capabilities. Which SUV is best depends on the wants and needs of the customer. What is the best SUV for one individual may not be the most desirable for another.

What is the best SUV, take a look at the following comparisons to help you decide.

Top 5 Compact SUV:

A compact SUV is an alternative to a traditional car. many people prefer sitting higher in the SUV than they do in a car. With a better view of the road, the compact SUV is becoming more and more well-received. It is also possible to get a compact SUV with a four wheel drive system, making them more attractive than a front or rear wheel drive car.

Top 5 Mid-Size SUV:

Mid-size SUVs are compared with the minivan. Many models offer increased seating capacity, as well as decent towing capacity. More rugged looking than the traditional mini-van, the mid-size SUV is the best SUV for many families and businesses alike. Many models are equipped in either a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive models. Some mid-size SUVs also provide more seating capacity.

Top 5 Large SUV:

Owning a large SUV has many advantages. It will carry the most passengers and cargo. You can easily tow a large camper or trailer with ease. Large SUVs come equipped with either a diesel engine or a gas motor. Large families, organizations, and industries use primarily large SUVs.

Top 5 Crossover SUV:

A Crossover SUV is a vehicle that combines a car platform with the features of an SUV. This gives the Crossover SUV the ride of a traditional car combined with the usefulness of the Sport Utility Vehicle. While most SUVs utilize a body-on-frame platform, the Crossover vehicle uses the unibody construction of a traditional car and the advantages of an SUV.

Top 5 Hybrid SUV:

The newest choice in the SUV market is the Hybrid SUV. A hybrid vehicle uses two or more power sources. Using electric motors and an internal combustion engine, a Hybrid SUV offers the best fuel efficiency of all the SUVs available. Though not having the towing capacity of the larger SUVs, the Hybrids do provide the necessary benefits which many customers are looking for in their next vehicle.

Top 5 Fuel Efficient SUV:

With the price of fuel on a steady incline, many potential buyers are focusing their attention on getting the best fuel efficiency possible. With a wide selection of SUVs available, the best SUV is the one that satisfies all the needs of the customer.

The easiest way to get the best performance as well as the best fuel economy Is to always be attentive to having the right tires installed. Whichever is the best SUV for you, it will treat you better if equipped with the best tires. Tires are the four points where any vehicle actually touches the road, having the best quality tires on your SUV will assure the best performance and safety.