This relative of the sandal goes by many different names — toesies, pluggers, thongs … — and can be found in all kinds of places. They’re quickly becoming the summer footwear of choice, and many people in hot countries wear them all year round.

But probably the most common place to find flip-flops is on the beach. They’re perfect for holiday fun, because they’re comfortable, light, and — crucially — easy to pack. The flip-flop itself is little more than a flat piece of foam attached to the foot with a strap.

Recent flip-flop developments include the use of ergonomic soles and fashionable patterns, but you’ll pay more for such privileges.

Be wary of using flip-flops for anything more strenuous than walking along the beach — they won’t protect your foot from rough terrain or sharp twigs and branches, and if you’re not careful, they can fall off your foot altogether, leaving you vulnerable to serious harm.