Windows Training

Information on Windows Training:

“Learning Snacks” is the way Microsoft trains beginners for Windows. These are short videos for training. This is mostly for Windows vista. This tutorial includes:

  • Essential information on Vista
  • Business Value of Vista
  • Using Vista

Here are some of the summarized versions of each:

Windows Vista Essentials:

This part will tell you about the most important information and changes with vista. They are:

  • New features of Vista
  • Sidebar feature
  • File organization techniques
  • Different available access options for the internet

Business Value of Windows Vista:

The main point of this part is to highlight the new advancements of Vista over the older Operating Systems by Windows.

  • Improved performance, administration and security
  • Better mobile support
  • Enhanced IT infrastructure and productivity
  • Less cost and the need for administrative support

Planning for Windows Vista:

It can be quite confusing to do an upgrade to Windows Vista. Let the Learning Snack help you with the process.  There is a three-step process that will help users to incorporate different hardware and software into the system.

Deployment of Windows Vista:

Microsoft has made a lot of tools to help you navigate through Windows Vista. The training will help the new user understand each part of the new OS. Launching it will be a breeze. Demonstrations, tips, guidelines and walk through pages are available.