Parcheesi Royal Edition

  • Learning numbers and counting
  • Develop strategic thinking and planning
  • Builds social skills

Whether it is called Parcheesi or Pachisi, this classic board game is one of the games that can be integrated to class as learning tools. Classic board games have been proven over time by their popularity to be effective in engaging children’s cognitive skills through play. Children have fun with this type of hands-on learning exercises. Parcheesi and other board games make math exciting. Educators and parents can use the games to learn and practice number recognition and counting. Parcheesi and similar board games use dices to move the game along. It is a good way for children to practice counting on every turn without feeling like schoolwork. Children exercise their mathematical skills every time they add the number of their dice and move their pawns.

Furthermore, studies have shown that board games are a good way to develop and train the mind. Key skills such as strategic thinking is exercised through play. Board games tackle the cognitive skills without the need of reading or writing making it accessible practice for everyone. Using board games such as Parcheesi, children get to explore strategies to get all their pawns in their home before the other players. Children analyze and visualize few moves ahead while playing board games. Trying to capture other players pawn to set them back to the starting line. Parcheesi and similar games are fun way for them to plan out and execute strategies and observe the outcomes. Practicing decision making skills and problem solving.

Parcheesi and other similar board games are a good escape from electronics and computers. Taking time to unwind and do an activity with everyone. Children benefit from these types of activities as it allows them to build their social skills. They get to observe and copy the other players behaviors. Learning to take turns and how to win and lose gracefully. Moreover, playing board games creates a space where people can talk and share their thoughts and feelings. Helping children develop emotional intelligence. Classic board games like Parcheesi are simple for everyone to join in a game. They help exercise the mind in an enjoyable way. Bringing the fun anytime and anywhere board games like Parcheesi are an unconventional learning tool that brings everyone together.

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