Camera Lens

Every good photographer has at least three different lenses in their arsenal. That is actually quite sufficient. If you are a professional, you may or may not need a lot. It all depends on what to get. Most people are content with the lens that they got with the kit. Well that is fine. You do not really need to get the sharpest one out there. You just have to know how to utilize the potential that your lens has. Remember that your lens, even your camera is not reason why you have great photos. It is all about you. The equipment just refines and makes it possible for you to get that shot. You are the composer.

Yes, there are lens that can do a lot of stuff like a wide‐angle lens can get you a beautiful fish‐eye shot of the park. You can do with one zoom lens. Utilize it. Experiment its possibilities. You can do a lot from it. You do not really need a telephoto lens. Unless you cover sports or any motion photography, then a huge telephoto lens is just wasting money. Telephoto lenses are great when you want to capture those high‐speed shots.

Lenses are there to enhance what is already present. It only aids the photographer. If that is the case, why are lenses more expensive than most cameras? It is because of marketing. Yes. Simple and dubious. You can see some lens that can cost as much as a house. When you do not need it, don’t bother buying it. If you have spare cash, then go ahead. Explore what you have first then go on up. Just don’t bankrupt yourself trying to attain what is not necessary. Getting a great shot does not need a latest camera or an expensive lens. It is all about skills.