What to Consider When Looking for an HDTV

HDTVs have now become extremely popular due to the high-definition picture that they are able to display on screen. With many different sizes and features available in HDTVs, selecting one can be a daunting task. However, by considering some important things, the task of getting the right HDTV for your home entertainment can be quite an easy one.

When selecting an HDTV for your home entertainment, it is important to initially understand some technical specifications of high-definition TVs. This will ultimately help you in making your decision. You need to initially make your selection depending on the native resolution (i.e. the number of horizontal and vertical pixels of the TV screen).

Some important things to consider when looking for HDTVs are as follows:


The higher the resolution of your HDTV, the better its image quality will be. These days, HDTVs come with a 1080p HD display. The native resolution of 1080p is 1920?1080. The ā€œpā€ indicates progressive scan. In the past few years, the cost of HDTVs has considerably fallen due to several advancements in technology.

Contrast ratio:

Contrast ratio is probably the next thing you need to consider when looking for an HDTV. The contrast ratio is actually the difference between black pixels and white pixels (or image from brightest to darkest). The higher the contrast ratio of your HDTV, the better image quality it will have. If you choose an HDTV with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, you will be able to view sharper, brighter and crispier images on screen. However, there are some things you need to be careful of when choosing an HDTV.

Sometimes TV manufacturers advertise a contrast ratio of 15,000 or 10,000. However, this actually refers to the dynamic contrast ratio of the TV set, which is completely different. This is something where LCD HD TVs have a greater contrast ratio compared to LCD TVs. The dynamic contrast ratio reflects the amount of bright and dark luminosity that the TV set produces in a given period.

Compare high definition with standard definition:

Next, you will need to compare HDTVs with standard definition TVs. Many people look for different types of media that is actually not made for high-definition TVs. While it is possible to attach VHS, satellite and cable to a high-definition TV set, the quality offered is not up to the mark. Thus, opting for a TV set that is specially designed to play standard definition would be a better investment if that is all that you are doing.

Video processor:

The video processor is also an important consideration when getting a new LCD HDTV. The computer is the brain behind HDTV, which processes the high-definition TV signals and displays images on screen. If the video processor of the system is not good, the image quality will suffer, irrespective of the rest of the specifications.

One of the easiest ways of researching processors is to read the contributions of high-definition TVs and look for what experts say about the quality of image that the HDTV is capable of generating. If you are planning to get an LCD or HDTV, it is essential to initially research technology, cost, features and the audio and video quality that it offers.

Different types of HDTV connections:

Usually, flat screen TVs carry two basic type of connections ā€“ digital or HD. Analogue connections generally comprise S-video and composite video, which can be used for connecting DVD players, cable boxes, gaming consoles and antennas. S-video port however has an ability of delivering video of highest quality. Audio connections are also available for connecting external speakers.

On the other hand, HD connections comprise YPbPr or component video, IEEE 1394 or FireWire, PC input or VGA, HDMI and DVI connections. If these connections are available on your HDTV, you will be able to enjoy the highest quality audio and video from your HDTV.

Always look for HDMI connection as it enables you to get outstanding audio and video quality from most HD sources, including Blu-ray players, HD cable boxes, newer game consoles and HDTV tuners.