Reclining Sofas

Everyone loves a reclining chair — you can adjust the back to match your mood, giving anything from a comfortable reading stance to a position you could easily sleep in. Some companies take that idea farther, producing so-called reclining sofas.

The backs of these sofas recline when adjusted using a lever, which is usually found on the side of the sofa. The whole family could therefore recline in luxury while watching a film on the projector screen, or sit in a comfy position while all tucking into a great book. On the other hand, if you’re playing poker on the living-room table, the sofa will provide all the back-support you need to follow the game. Of course, if you aren’t all doing the same thing, one user can adjust their seat differently, so it’ll keep everyone happy at once — or it’ll at least help to!

When reclined, many reclining sofas raise a footrest automatically to provide support for the whole body.

Reclining sofas are also available in sofa sets. These often include a mix of small reclining sofas with one or two single-seat recliners. But, beware: A reclining feature adds a lot of extra cost the price of your sofa or sofa set — as ever, you must take the time to realistically consider your needs in advance.