Sofa Beds

A sofa bed is handy in homes that lack the space for a guest room. The seat of the sofa unfolds to form a bed, allowing you to accommodate guests comfortably in your living room or home office, for example.

There are various types of sofa bed on the market, the most simple of which is the futon. These sofa beds consist of just a wooden frame and a folded up mattress. The frame unlatches to sit flat on the floor, and the mattress unfolds to cover the frame. They’re available in a number of sizes and different levels of quality. Despite their relative simplicity, a futon can provide a very comfortable night’s sleep.

Other sofa beds work a bit like a cot: The structure of the sofa remains in place, but a metal frame folds out and snaps into place. The seat and back cushions of the sofa then sit on top of this frame to form the mattress. Most models provide a double bed that’ll easily accommodate two adults, but obviously the more you spend, the more comfortable your guests will be.