The Jacuzzi is the ultimate in bathtub luxury. Usually square or circular in shape, Jacuzzis use jets of bubbles and water to create a whirlpool-like massaging effect.

But you must ensure in advance that you have a room that’s both big enough for the Jacuzzi and sufficiently ventilated to allow the moist air to escape. If the moisture can’t escape, you run the risk of causing mildew on your walls. The sheer weight of water involved in filling a Jacuzzi means second floors aren’t ideal locations; basements also present a problem because they often lack ventilation.

One of the main features of a Jacuzzi is its jets, so you should check how many jets your prospective Jacuzzi has and in what configuration. Some luxury Jacuzzis concentrate their efforts into individual seats, leaving those elsewhere in the Jacuzzi without the massaging effect. So if you’re planning on using the Jacuzzi with varying numbers of people, it’s better to buy a bench-style model with uniform jet distribution.

If that ‘varying number’ turns into a large number, space can easily become a problem. Think carefully in advance how many people you want to accommodate and whether the size you’ve chosen will actually be comfortable when holding that many people. Remember the point of a Jacuzzi is to relax, not just to enjoy the novelty of being in bubbly water. Fighting for space will make the experience basically pointless.

Luxury Jacuzzis sometimes offer in-built radios and a selection of complex jet programs. These are not essential for enjoying the Jacuzzi, so don’t let salesmen tell you otherwise. Of course, if you feel like splashing out, this is one way to add a touch of extra indulgence to your bathing.