Desk Lamp

Desk lamps come in a number of different designs. Depending on what type of work you’ll be doing, different factors come into play. Working on a computer is often better with a short lamp that illuminates the keyboard without shining on the computer screen. But if you’ll be working on drawings or written documents, it often helps to have a more directional lamp on a flexible mounting. Some flexible mountings use a swing mechanism tensioned by small springs. Others use a so-called gooseneck, which can be easily bent by hand to point in the desired direction.

Halogen lamps are becoming increasingly common in the desk lamp market. These are usually smaller but provide just as much light as lamps using conventional bulbs. Halogen lamps also use less energy to produce the same amount of light, since they’re more efficient than incandescent lamps. Some models use LEDs to produce light — these are even more energy-efficient and produce no heat, unlike halogen and incandescent lamps.