Dog House

Colloquially, being sent to the dog house is a punishment. For dogs, however, a dog house, or kennel, is a cozy place that they can call their own. Indoors or outdoors, a kennel gives a dog a sense of belonging, as well as — if outdoors — much-needed shelter from the elements.

Some kennels are built just like a small, wooden house with a peaked roof, and may or may not have a gated doorway. Consider whether you’d like the option of keeping your dog inside the kennel — this can be useful when you’re mowing the lawn, for example. Indoor dog houses are sometimes built like a piece of furniture, but with a small door for your dog to enter. This can make the dog house seem much less intrusive than a traditional kennel design.

Of course, as with most things, it’s also possible to completely overdo a dog house if you’ve got enough money. There are companies that make dog houses that look more like a scale replica of a Spanish villa or medieval castle. We limit our stock, however, to practical and affordable dog houses.