Top 5 Home Security Systems

Security alarm companies generally offer monitored or non-monitored security systems. A monitored system features a control panel which communicates with sensors and devices via wires or wireless connection. The control panel alerts a central monitoring station in the event of a burglary and dispatches the police to the property. A stand-alone security system is similar to the monitored system, but does not have a central monitoring station for alerting and dispatching the police. Some companies offer no contract home security monitoring systems, allowing customers the flexibility to switch companies if needed. The following top 5 home security companies offer services to meet your home security system needs.

Frontpoint Security – offers cellular monitoring security systems for the home, which are the best monitored home security services available on the market today. Frontpoint Security provides wireless cellular technology. This efficiently communicates alerts over a secured cellular network to a monitoring center in the event of an intrusion or burglary. This wireless security technology essentially eliminates the complications and vulnerability that wired systems pose to the home and security. Prices range from $34.99 to $49.99 a month. They offer 100% wireless cellular monitoring, as well as excellent customer service. There is a 30 day money back guarantee. Front points offer promotional discounts and coupons. Frontpoint does not offer no contract home security monitoring plans, they offer one, two or three year contracts. Call their customer service to find out more.

ProtectAmerica – offers a self-install security model that is increasingly becoming popular. The company provides equipment from GE security which offers a lifetime warranty for customers. Customers have a broad range of equipment and monitoring options to choose from, without having to pay any upfront costs for the equipment. ProtectAmerica offers competitive price matching, which gives customers more value for their money. The company’s home security alarm systems features interactive security services through This essentially allows customers to remotely arm and disarm their security system for the home, receive security alerts through text messages when the system is breached, as well as stream videos from a wireless security camera to any smartphone device. Their prices range from as low as $29.99 to $54.99.

ADT is the most well-known home security alarm systems company. The company offers quality home security services for the home at a fraction of the price. ADT offers professional installation services as well as a wide range of product and services to meet every budget. The company has the longest history in the industry. Security systems for the home offered, include internet based, cellular monitoring and traditional phone line based systems. Newer ADT pulse services features enhanced monitored home security system as well. Their prices range from $36.99 to $47.99.

Lifeshield Security provides broadband and cellular security systems to their customers. The company offers both self and professional installation. Lifeshield security markets their own equipment to their customers. They provide cellular monitoring and utilize the internet and landline for backup monitoring. The company’s wireless monitored home security system comes with multiple base units that communicate with the central monitoring station and notifies the police in the event of a burglary. They offer 24 hour monitoring and provide remote access to smartphone devices as well. Their prices range from 29.99 to 39.98

Vivint – is known for creating innovative products. The company offers the GO control panel from 2Gig.
It is considered one of the best control panels in the home security industry. The control panel features cellular as well as a touch screen LCD. Vivint efficiently combines home and security automation and enable customers to control video surveillance, lightening and small appliances in their homes from a mobile device. The price ranges from $44.99 to $68.99.