Drum Set

A drum set is a great way to get started in percussion. They range from simple starter kits to larger sets for professionals, and are available in different configurations for different types of drumming. The common sizes of drum set are four-, five-, six-, and seven-piece. A four-price set typically consists of a kick drum, two toms, a snare, two cymbals, and a high-hat. A five-piece drum set adds another tom, mounted on top of the kick drum, and another cymbal. Six-piece drum kits have another floor-standing tom, and seven-piece kits either have a second kick drum or a third tom atop the kick drum. These arrangements are not set in stone, but can be used to give you some idea of what size of kit you’re looking for. It’s also possible to buy many drum kits without cymbals. This is popular with more-advanced drummers who already have a favored brand of cymbals.

Drum kits come in a range of attractive colors including cherry red, glittery black, white oyster, green burst, and gloss black. For live performances, the visual appeal of the drum set can significantly improve the band’s overall aesthetic, so it’s worth giving this aspect some thought.