Camps For Troubled Children

Children camps or Brat camps as commonly known in the United Kingdom are situated in the wilderness designed for special programs that are considered as therapy alternatives. Brat camps are also considered to address behavioral concerns such as screaming, shouting, tantrums and fits.

Most of these brat camps have established what is known as ‘companion camps’. These are summer camp type which conduct make up classes with military approach in order to rebuild the energy and discipline of a normal boot camp with less-aggressive camp setting. Success in achieved by means of helping the child meet their needs like self-respect, respect of authority and control in their behavior.

In this setting, children and young teens attend camp which are located outdoors, a part of what’s commonly tagged as ‘wilderness therapy’ programs or therapeutic outdoor education and residential treatment centers. These brat camps may provide the children the necessary wake up call, it is essential to not that these children are still young and the behavioral problems that they possess may still continue if parents do the same.