Summer Camps — Social Events

In essence, the whole camp is one big social event, but many camps will put on a special program to encourage all members of the team to get involved and get to know their fellow campers.

Dining is always communal and often accompanied by quizzes and sing-along songs. The way campers are arranged into small groups that sleep, wash, and play together means that they are able to make close bonds with a handful of campers while enjoying the community spirit of the camp as a whole.

Weather-permitting, the evening meal is usually followed by a large campfire, where the whole camp sits under the stars to sing, chat, and play board games.

The biggest event of the camp calendar is usually the evening meal together on the last night of the camp. Here the individual huts present their mini-shows that they’ve been preparing in recent weeks. Everyone then gets together for a dance or show or to watch a band perform children’s classics.

Throughout the camp program, visitors days are held so that parents can come to visit their children for a day or two over the weekends. We find that this is helpful for both the children and the parents, since for many families a summer camp will mean the longest period of time they’ve spent apart so far. Parents are encouraged to join in with as many activities as possible and have a good time themselves.