Cars Tires

A car’s tires are like a person’s shoes — if they aren’t appropriate to the terrain, you won’t be going anywhere quickly. You wouldn’t climb a hill in high-heels; likewise, you shouldn’t try to drive on snow in summer tires. But people do!

There’s a whole range of tires that suit totally different applications. Car tires can be sleek and efficient or chunky and robust. It all comes down to the type of tread: Street tires have fine, shallow treads that are designed to boost performance and reduce road noise, giving a quieter and more comfortable ride. Off-road tires, on the other hand, have deeper, coarser treads that allow them to claw their way across slippery, muddy surfaces.

We offer information on all types of car tires, from normal street tires to high-performance, off-road to racetrack, and summer to winter. Whether you drive a truck, an SUV, a saloon, or a muscle car, our articles will help you make an informed decision when you come to buy tires.