Top 5 Family Cell Phone Plans

Top 5 Family Cell Phone Plans Cell phone plans can be tricky to choose, especially when there are many people in the home who will be involved. Family plans can be used by a group of people, not necessarily those who live together. They usually offer a lump sum of minutes that are shared by this group of people. The best family cell phone plan will let members talk to other members in the same plan without costing anything. In essence, it is a good way to save money on an overall monthly bill. Here is a look at the best choices when considering a top unlimited family cell phone plan.  

1. Walmart’s T-Mobile Plan. One of the largest retailers has teamed up with T-Mobile to develop a great family plan. This best family plan involves a cell phone without contract. It offers consumers unlimited use including text, talk, and Internet on the original phone for $45. Extra phones cost $35 each month, up to 5 phones. It beats most senior plans, which try to cut costs for older people. A person with this type of plan is billed every month and no credit is required. For an additional purchase, someone can buy games, music, or ringtones. It is certainly one of the best family plans available.

2. Boost Mobile By Sprint. This is also a best unlimited family cell phone plan. Sprint has introduced a Boost Mobile plan that includes unlimited text, talk, email, and Internet for a monthly price starting at $50. As people begin to make payments on time, monthly cost decreases by up to $15. A referral program also exists, which earns extra money off. For international and text add ons, a person may opt for an additional $5 a month. Blackberry plans are also available.

3. At&T Family Plans. This carrier offers shared plans that are similar to those from Verizon Wireless. AT&T is flexible and cheaper at higher tier rates. This means that anyone with a plan with three of more phones will find a price advantage over Verizon Wireless. AT&T offers mobile share with unlimited talk and text. It increases in price from a base of $40 a month for 1 GB. Each phone costs an additional $45 at this rate, or less with added GBs. It is also possible to add more devices for an additional charge.

4. TracFone Wireless Straight Talk. This is another cell phone without contract. It is a monthly plan that costs a flat $45 per line. There is no activation or other fees imposed. When using android phones, there are numerous apps available. Straight talk plans also cover unlimited international calls as well. It is a smart senior plan because there are no hidden fees.

5. Metro PCS. Another best family cell phone plan is from Metro PCS. All of the available plans include unlimited talk, text, and Internet. Coverage is nationwide and there are no annual contracts. For as little as $40 each month per line, a person can enjoy great service and save up to $1500 after two years as compared to other leading mobile service plans. There is even a 4G touchscreen phone available for an extra charge. There are no activation fees or other hidden costs involved.